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The line then commenced a down grade towards the Campaspe River. It crossed an unnamed and closed road at the top of the cutting, entered a 30C radius left curve just before another track crossing, crossed a culvert, an Allotment Line, straightened at the entrance to long Bank 43, crossed an unnamed watercourse culvert, crossed a sandstone reef, entered a 40C radius left curve, crossed an Allotment Line, straightened, crossed an Allotment Line, followed by the named Native Creek via a 13 x 15' and 1 x 20' openings (6.1m) bridge, which also crossed an unnamed and unaltered road (Axedale-Kimbolton Road) cut a fence, entered Bank 44 and levelled.

The line then entered a bridge section, crossed another unnamed and closed road (a couple of pre-existing or planned roads in this part of Axedale no longer exist, as the area became a public reserve and is now the Axedale Golf course), and entered the main 99 x 20' openings (1,980' or 603.66m total length) Campaspe River bridge. The river itself is shown as 8C 50L wide, with a flood level of 517'. The line enters today's private Marydale property and the 13M point is then reached.

The line then entered a 40C radius left curve, entered Bank 45, cut a fence, commenced an up grade, cut another fence, straightened to cross a 3 x 15' openings (13.72m total) bridge, "serving as a foot crossing", and entered a 40C radius left curve. It cut a fence, straightened, crossed a 3 x 15' openings (13.72m total) bridge, "serving as an Occupation Crossing", crossed the Parish Boundary (Axedale/Knowsley), entered a 40C radius left curve, and passed a stone wall as it entered an area of bluestone boulders. It then entered Cutting 50 with sides reaching to 32', straightened, passed a diverted gully, entered a 40C radius right curve, entered short Bank 46, crossed a special 3' barrel culvert, entered Cutting 51 with up to 16.5' sides, cut a fence, exited to a low Bank 47, crossed a culvert, entered Cutting 52, crossed an Allotment Line, entered a crab hole area and ended the boulders section. The line then straightened and reached the 14M point.

Grade: 2630_08.

Cutting 52 is exited just before an Allotment Line is crossed, and the line then runs on a short surface forming, over a culvert, an Occupation Crossing with gates, another culvert, Cutting 53 is entered, the crab hole section ends and the bluestone boulders recommence. The line continued on a down grade, into Bank 48, crossed an Allotment Line, crossed a culvert, entered Cutting 54, then Bank 49, crossed a 3' barrel culvert, commenced a long 1 in 114 grade, making its way to the future site of what was originally called Ingham Siding.

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