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Images between Ingham and Axedale Racecourse.

Grade: 2630_08

It levels and enters Bank 49, crosses a 3' barrel culvert, runs through a short shallow Cutting 54, into Bank 54 where it enters a bluestone boulder section, crosses an Allotment Line, enters Cutting 53 on a slight up grade, exits the bluestaone boulder section and enters a crabhole section, crosses an Occupation crossing with a culvert each side on an almost level grade, crosses an allotment Line and enters a down grade on entry to Cutting 52, reaching the 14M point - 87M 1C 94L from Melbourne, calculated from diagram 3303_01.

Grade: 2630_07

Continuing on a down grade in cutting 52, the line exits the crabhole section and enters a bluestone boulder section, crosses an Allotment Line, enters Bank 47, crosses a culvert, cuts through a fence on entry to Cutting 51, enters Bank 46, crosses a special 3' barrel culvert, enters Cutting 50 with up 32.2' high side walls, exits the bluestone boulders section, passes a stone wall (today's private Marydale property), enters Bank 45, crosses the Parish Boundary, crosses a 3 x 15; openings bridge serving as a foot crossing, cuts through a fence, levels, cuts through another fence, and enters a bridge section, reaching 13M - 88M 1C 94L from Melbourne, calculated from diagram 3303_01.

Continuing, the line crosses a 99 x 20' openings bridge over the Campaspe River, passes an unnamed and closed road, enters Bank 44, enters a 40C radius right curve, commences an up grade, enters a bridge section, crosses unnamed road (Axedale-Kimbolton Road) and track (closed road/track from Raglan Place to this location) as fenced and unalterd, via a 13 x 15' openings bridge, followed by named Native Creek and an Allotment Line.

The line then crosses a sandstone reef, a culvert, an Allotment Line, the curve ends, the line crosses another sandstone reef, a culvert, enters Cutting 49, enters a 30C radius right curve, crosses an Allotment Line, passes a diverted watercourse, crosses a track, the curve ends, it passes an unnamed and closed road, tops the grade before exiting the cutting at the future site of the Axedale Racecourse Platform.

Axedale Racecourse Platform was not part of the original line construction. However, it was siuated at the crest of the rise in Cutting 49. The cutting necessitated the closure of an unnamed road at the top of the cutting. A track and two Allotment Lines were crossed before the line exited the general area of the platform.

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