Up - Derrinal to Heathcote

Trail section between Derrinal and Heathcote

Section Highlights:

The Trail crosses what was, during the time of the railway line, McIvor Road, now called Old Bendigo Road. It meets the rail bed immediately before a replacement steel bridge over Wallace Gully. The rail line crossed the highway at an angle in front of Kilmuir Estate entrance that can be seen across the highway.

The Trail continues up an incline, rounds a righthand bend, crosses Hills Road, and enters the One Eye Forest.


The bridge over Wallace Gully.


Up the rise, towards the curve.


Hills Road Crossing.


Cattle grid beam at Hills Road.


Marker Post No. 77.


The only concrete bridge on the line.


Mia Mia-Derrinal Road Crossing.


Marker Post No. 76.


Cresting the cutting.


Heathcote Water Treatment Plant site entrance.


Marker Post No. 75.


Track to the cellar door and a bridge ahead.


End of the shared road and a bridge ahead.


The bridge, with timber ruins beneath.


The line followed the curve, the Trail doesn't.


Back on the line again.


Trail to the left, rail alignment straight ahead.


To the crossing over Brodie Street.


Brodie Street. The line ran through the property on the right.


Along Brodie Street.


Trail to the left, rail alignment is on the right, continuing straight across McIvor Street.


Replica Marker Post No. 74.


Along McIvor Street.


Crossing into Ebden Street - and a paved surface.


Crossing over Ebden Street.


Continuing along Ebden Street.


Cross over Marshall Crescent.


Crossing over Mitchell Street.


Pohlman Street ahead.


Pohlman Street, turn right.


Crossing over Pohlman Street.

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