Pink Cliffs Road and Return

Trail section between Herriot Street, Heathcote, and Pink Cliffs Road

Section Highlights:

Andrew O'Keefe's contract covered a short section beyond Heathcote Station. Despite becoming part of the continuation of the line towards Melbourne, it was required before then so that trains arriving from Bendigo could shunt into the Heathcote Station sidings.

The line proceeded into the pine tree fringed cutting, passing through what was identified as Commissioners Flats, ground that was marked "Surface Stripped".

O'Keefe's End of Contract ended midway through the curve, after 28 miles, just before the South end of the cutting, approximately 1C 94L on the station side of Marker Post 73, a replica of which exists there today.

The large heap of earth to the East of the line is shown on the contract plan as a mullock heap, dating it as far back as 1886. It may have come from an area nearby which is marked "Excavation". A 55' long bridge existed between this point and Pink Cliffs Road.

To Pink Cliffs Road


Car park and shelter, Pink Cliffs Road extension.


Car park and shelter, Pink Cliffs Road extension.


Along the extension.


Pine tree lined cutting.


Further along.


Pink Cliffs Road.

From Pink Cliffs Road


The way back towards Herriot Street.


Entrance gate.


Marker Post 73 in the pine tree lined cutting.


Herriot Street.


Continuing to the Herriot Street crossing.

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