Various References

References used in this Collection.

Any historical work must draw from various references, some of which may not be correct or cannot be proved within a reasonable time frame. However, the references exist and the Reader is free to prove or disprove a reference's validity. Please do not keep it to yourself as only by reporting an incorrect reference, with evidence, can the record be corrected.

In any case, here are the references I have used, and the names of those who have assisted me.

Trove Digitised Newspapers -

Public Records Office documents -

Victorian Railways diagrams -

Bendigo Regional Archive Centre - Plans and historical documents.

Rigg of the Railways - Authored by Tom Rigg, retired Stationmaster. Used for details of Stationmaster appointments.

Keith Lambert - Victorian Railways Weekly Notice entries.

David Langley - Signalling diagrams.

Brian Coleman - File research and pointers.

Tony Palermo - General and Safeworking information and images.

Michael Guiney - Gatekeeper and crossing locations.

- Victorian Railways Weekly Notice entries.

Friends of the Bendigo-Kilmore Rail Trail - Rail Trail historical development information.

Les Browne - Photographs.

David Watson - Photographs.

Ian Hollingsworth - Photographs.

Graham James - Photographs.

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