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The layout of many roads in the days of the rail line was considerably different to that which exists today. Other than those that were specifically laid out for existing requirements, or those planned for future use, roads from one district to the next were simply the most expedient and grew out of the tracks most travelled. The construction of the line resulted in many minor roads being closed, others diverted, roads that were important enough were made into Public Carriage Roadway (PCR) Crossings and Occupation Crossings were provided so that landowners could cross the line where it passed through their properties. The main road between Sandhurst (Bendigo) and Heathcote started life as a simple track which slowly grew in stature as traffic increased. Loaded bullock teams would have avoided challenging hill climbs as the means of levelling them did not exist until after the roads were well established.

The section of the McIvor Highway or McIvor Road as it was once known, from today's Moorabbee Foreshore Road to the Heathcote end of Derrinal Station, is a section that was constructed after the line closure in 1958. Prior to that, the main road in this area followed the less challenging route across less undulating countryside. It consisted of what can now be viewed in three separate sections.

Moorabbee Foreshore Road to Lake Eppalock

A short section of today's Moorabbee Foreshore Road on the Western side of Lake Eppalock. There is an entrance to the general Lake Eppalock area leading to the left about ... along


Lake entrance just around the bend.


Entrance to Lake Eppalock Reserve is ahead on the left.

Lake Eppalock - normally submerged

A section that is normally under water, within which it crossed two bridges associated with Mt. Ida Creek.


Entrance to Lake Eppalock Reserve.


Down towards the water.


Much has been washed away here - August 2016.


Same location - October 4, 2016.


Only gravel here.


A glimpse of bitumen.


First bridge ahead.


First bridge.


Second bridge.


Continuing towards the Eastern bank.


A little further along.


Further still.


Lake reserve exit ahead.

Lake Eppalock to Derrinal Station

3. A section on the Eastern side of Lake Eppalock which is now known as Old Bendigo Road which contains an old intersection with Derrinal Crosbie Road which ran to the North, crossing the rail line, and an intersection with the entrance to Derrinal Station, now named Derrinal Station Lane.


Towards Derrinal Station and today's McIvor Highway.


Derrinal-Crosbie Road bridge near Old Bendigo Road.


Derrinal-Crosbie Road, looking towards O'Keefe Rail Trail.


Derrinal Crosbie Road, looking towards the old bridge, centre, and Old Bendigo Road.


Another view of the old bridge.


Bridge over Mt. Ida Creek, O'Keefe Rail Trail in the distance.

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