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Grade: 2630_06.

After exiting the Axedale Station site in Cutting 48, the line entered a 1 in 50 down grade, entered a 20C radius right curve, and crossed an unnamed PCR Crossing with 18'6" gates, lowered 0.25', with a culvert on the Up side. This is shown as being on the west side of Cemetery Reserve and is one of the entrances to Axedale Station. It then entered Bank 42, crossed the named Hargreave's Creek via a 10 x 15' openings (46.15m total) bridge, straightened, cut a fence, crossed an unnamed and diverted road (Cemetery Road which is diverted from a straight road to the next, present day, crossing), (MP 88) followed by a 5C level section, commenced an up grade, crossed an Allotment line, then an unnamed road (Cemetery Road, Burns Street, Crowes Road intersection/crossing) PCR Crossing with 13'6" gates, raised 3.17', with a culvert each side and another Allotment line, reaching the 12M point.

Grade: 2630_07.

The upward grade continued from Cutting 42 into Cutting 49 where the line crossed 2 Allotment Lines, a closed track, and almost levelled at the top of the grade - the future site of the Axedale Racecourse Platform.

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