Down - Heathcote Station Site

Located at 73M. 32C. 32L.


Heathcote Station detail.

Within the Heathcote Station Ground, the line, level, passes through old gold workings, crosses a gully via a 12 x 11' openings bridge on Bank 108, crosses a track, passes a diverted watercourse, passes over a filled excavation. It then enters a surface forming, crosses named and closed Chauncey Street, cuts a fence Allotment Line, enters Bank 107, cuts an Allotment Line followed by a fence Allotment line, crosses a 3' barrel culvert, cuts 3 fence Allotment Lines, exiting the station ground via a 1 x 15' opening bridge with abbutment sheeting at named Pohlman Street PCR Crossing. The length of the station ground is approximately 31C 50L.


In 1888, there was a 12 x 11' openings bridge.


Nothing to see of the Up end of the station yard, except ...


Remains of the support posts for the loco water tanks about midway between the houses and Herriot Street - 2015.


Passenger platform and offices location about image centre.


Nothing to be seen at the Down end.

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