Hodge's Lane (RMSP 63)

Located at 93M 56C 85L

Hodge's Lane crossing was located at 93m. 56c. 85l. It was the location of Crossing Gates No. 4 and a Gatekeeper's cottage which was used as Engineer's office during line construction, was erected on site. However, it was relatively short lived and was removed, like many other gatekeepers' cottages, during the 1890s depression years. The remains of a small brick lined well can still be seen today. The crossing itself is located at what was the entrance to Shire of Strathfieldsaye Councillor Thomas Craike's 'Bowmont' Vineyard from where significant quantities of fruit were sent to the nearby Longlea (the Axe Creek) station for overseas markets. The property still bears the 'Bowmont' name today.

Rail Motor Stopping Place No. 63 was created at the crossing in 1941. RMSPs were defined as places where Rail Motors would stop to pick up or set down passengers if/when required. It was not part of the original line and indications are that it was opened 14 Oct 1941, and closed 27 Dec the same year on the withdrawal of the line's passenger service - a life of only a few weeks. Details are still being researched. I have a theory that, as it was close to the entrance to Craike's (it had changed ownership by then) vineyard and apple orchard, and it only existed during WW2, that it was created for fruit pickers to replenish local labour shortages or possibly there was a number of soldiers or recruits that required what was seen to be irregular travel.

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