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Located at 45M 66C 68L

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Willowmavin Station site was bounded by Campaspe Road at the south end and Boundary Road at the north end.

The Argus newspaper, in reporting the libel case of Richard Speight v. David Syme on Jul 20, 1893, recorded evidence given by James Syder, Victorian Railways Traffic Manager, relating to an 1892 list of Revenue and Cost for a number of stations. He stated that he was of the opinion that Willowmavin Station was unnecessary. It needs to be borne in mind that the station had virtually only just opened.

The station was renamed Rail Motor Stopping Place No. 18 in October 1956. It was finally closed June 1965.

Weekly Notice entries for Willowmavin.

November, 1894 - No-one-in-Charge.

September, 1895 - Established as a Train Staff Station. The sections are Kilmore - Willowmavin and Willowmavin - High Camp Plain. This indicates that either traffic to or from the station increased, it was required for satisfactory train working, was elevated from its previous No-one-in-Charge status, or was subject to special traffic for what may have been a short period.

May, 1897 - Disestablished as a Train Staff Station. The new section becomes Kilmore - High Camp Plain. The station either continues or resumes with No-one-in-Charge status.

March, 1902 - Staff Locks are provided at the points in the running line. The Key is Train Staff for section.

August, 1906 - The Up and Down Home Signals are removed.

May, 1910 - The station is worked under Caretaker conditions.

October, 1914 - Permanent sheep trucking yards are provided.

December, 1925 - The Caretaker is withdrawn and the station is reduced to No-one-in-Charge.

December, 1941 - Passenger and mixed train services are withdrawn on the Wallan-Bendigo Line.

March, 1942 - The passenger service is re-instated between Wallan and Heathcote.

October, 1956 - Willowmavin is closed as a station and renamed Rail Motor Stopping Place 18 (RMSP 18).

July, 1957 - The Staff Locks and connections are removed, and the siding is abolished.

June, 1965 - Final closure.

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