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Located at 62M 67C 43L

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Flagstaff Lane was the main access road for Tooborac Station, providing entry to the station from the Up side.

Tooborac Station was located at 62 miles, 67 chains, 43 links (approx. 100.45 rail kilometres) from Melbourne. It was the terminus of the Sandhurst-Tooborac line for a short while until the through connection to Kilmore and Heathcote Junction was completed in 1890. Extracts from various Victorian Railways Weekly Notices provide a skeletal glimpse of the station from an operational point of view.

Weekly Notice entries for Tooborac:

August, 1906 - The Train Staff and Ticket Safeworking System was replaced with the Electric Staff System for the section Tooborac - Heathcote.

November, 1906 - Both the existing Up and Down Distant Signals were abolished and the Up and Down Home Signals were moved further out from the station.

November, 1908 - A turntable was provided for the purpose of turning locomotives.

April, 1912 - The running line points were provided with Plunger Locking and the Down Home Signal was moved to position 50 yds from the Up end facing points. A Down Distant Signal was provided some 600 yds from Home Signal - further away from the station. This indicates that some Down trains were not stopping.

May, 1914 - The Up Home Signal was moved 85 yards closer to the Down end points.

May, 1915 - The Train Staff and Ticket System which was still being used between Kilmore and Tooborac was replaced by the Electric Staff System and the Kilmore - Tooborac Master Key was withdrawn.

March, 1917 - The station was closed for private telegraph business.

May, 1926 - A Staff Exchange Box was provided. This indicates that trains ran through the station outside of manned hours.

October, 1928 - The Down Distant Signal was converted to a yellow arm and light.

September, 1931 - The Class 9 Stationmaster's position was removed and the station was worked under Caretaker conditions by a Signal Porter. The last Stationmaster was probably William Albert Taylor, who was appointed in 1928.

January, 1942 - Like all stations on the whole line, for a few months from late December, 1941, there was no passenger or mixed train service.

March, 1942 - The passenger train service is reinstated for stations between Wallan and Heathcote.

March, 1948 - A Composite Staff is provided in the Tooborac - Heathcote Electric Staff section to facilitate train operations a/c Argyle Station.

August, 1961 - The Class 5 Assistant Stationmaster position is removed and the station is under the control of a Caretaker. Was the earlier Signal Porter replaced by an Assistant Stationmaster some time previously? Tooborac was also disestablished as an Electric Staff Station and the Safeworking System reverted to the Train Staff and Ticket System for the section Kilmore - Heathcote. The station may be opened as an Intermediate Staff Block Post if/when required.

June, 1965 - Tooborac is closed to all passengers.

September, 1965 - The sheep and cattle races are removed.

January, 1967 - The public telephone is removed.

November, 1968 - Tooborac is closed to all traffic.

Identified Stationmasters:

Frederick John Peacock - 1890.
Walter Henry Linthorne - 13/03/1903 (ex Stony Creek).
Robert Samuel Philpot - 01/06/1950.
Richard Dunstan Hicks - 01/07/1909.
James Gray - 01/12/1910.
James Watson Johnson - 15/11/1911.
William Robert Philpott - 03/02/1915.
Joseph Francis Horsborough - 16/12/1921.
William Albert Taylor - 26/07/1928.

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