Rangelea Siding Detail

Located at 98M 23C 00L

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Rangelea layout - VR.
Supplied by David langley.

Rangelea Siding - is the name given to the Department of Defence siding that branches from the rail line from about a hundred metres on the Bendigo side of Atlas Road. It was renamed Rangelea in March, 1943. The line was closed beyond the points providing access to Rangelea in 1958. The siding effectively became the new end of the line and remained in operation for some years after, being used for Department of Defence purposes and wagon storage.

Approaching from Bendigo, Up direction, the turnout to the siding branches to the East, whereas the old main line swings slightly to the right through what is now the business yard of Spraypave.

The siding was opened for traffic in January, 1943. It consisted of a main siding of 3,630 feet [1,107m], a 500 feet [152.5m] loop siding, a dead-end spur siding of 250 feet [76.2m], and a 2,000 foot [609.8m] spur siding in a north westerly direction off the main line.

While of interest as part of the closed line, it is a restricted area.

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