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Leslie Station was located at 35 miles, 63 chains, 2 links (approx. 57.26 rail kilometres) from Melbourne.

September 1889 - The Kilmore Free Press reports that the Commissioners paid a visit to the district and the residents expect that the Leslie Siding will be made a passenger station.

August 1892 - The Kilmore Free Press reports that the Mr. T. Nancarrow, a Porter at the local (Kilmore) Station for some time, has been promoted to the charge of Leslie Siding.

November 1897 - The Kilmore Free Press reports that along with Bylands and Kilmore, the Railways advertises tenders for painting buildings at Leslie.

November 1897 - The Kilmore Free Press advertises that special excursion tickets will be issued to Leslie and all stations to Bendigo inclusive.

November 1897 - The Kilmore Free Press reports that for the year to 30 June, Leslie outward passenger journeys were 43.

November 1906 - The Kilmore Free Press reports that Leslie Line Repairer, Denis Calinan, 45 years of age, who had worked under Ganger Looney for the past five years, had committed suicide by cutting his throat with a razor whilst suffering from temporary insanity.

February 1927 - Saw-milling - Messrs. Curley Brothers, are dismantling their machinery in the foothills of Mount Disappointment and moving it to Leslie, where they have purchased a site.

Weekly Notice entries for Leslie:

July, 1906 - The points were provided with a Staff Lock, the key being the Kilmore Junction-Kilmore Train Staff.

August, 1906 - The Up and Down Home Signals were removed.

May, 1910 - The station is reduced from Caretaker to No-one-in-Charge.

July, 1941 - The dead-end siding, at the Up end of the station, is removed.

December, 1941 - Near the end of the month, the passenger service is withdrawn from the whole line.

March, 1942 - The passenger service is restored between Wallan and Heathcote at the end of the month.

September, 1952 - Leslie is closed to all traffic.

December, 1952 - The Staff lock and connections are removed, and the siding is abolished.

Identified Stationmasters:

Francis W. White - to Aug 1892 - Newspaper reports say he was killed when thrown from a horse on the way to Kilmore.

T. Nancarrow, Porter from Kilmore, Aug 1892.

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