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Knowsley Station was located at 82 miles, 77 chains, 32 links (approx. 132.75 rail kilometres) from Melbourne and at 653ft. (199m) above Low Water Mark. It was a very busy sawmilling station. Like all stations on the line, it was initially opened for light goods not requiring crane power or shed accommodation.

A 1927 Victorian Railways Grades Book shows the layout of Knowsley Station yard consisting of a passenger platform on the south side of the main running line or No. 1 Road, a No. 2 Road, a number 3 Road with a dead end extension curving to the north, and a dead end siding with an adjacent goods shed. However, the Weekly Notice contains an entry stating that No. 2 Road was removed in 1926. There is a similar entry in 1952. The Up and Down Home Signals were removed in 1927, along with the Stationmaster who was replaced by a Caretaker. Attributes of the station, as shown on the Grades Book diagram are: sheep yards, ganger's headquarters, two departmental residences, ganger's residence, ganger's tool shed and plunger lock and staff locked points. However, a hand-drawn diagram dated 1957, shows the station facilities significantly reduced. The dashed siding indicates that it had been previously removed and was not present in 1957. A drainage plan also shows a carriage dock that would have been removed in the 1890s like others on the line.

July 1887 - Tenders are accepted for the erection of goods sheds and platforms - FG and W Croaker.

December 1887 - Several Italians are already amassing timber at Moorabbee [Knowsley] to truck to Sandhurst as soon as the line is open. The township already shows unmistakeable signs of improvement. Several new buildings have been erected, and Mr. E Hayes, of Goornong, has established a store there. A butcher's shop is also in course of erection.

October 1888 - Knowsley also becomes a picnic destination. A "splendid site" kindly offered by Mr. J.D. Bywater, of Axedale [Knowsley?]. This is reported to be one of the best running tracks in Victoria and a splendid creek of pure water [Forest Creek?] is within half a mile [800m] of the station and in every respect, compares favourably with the sites of past picnics. Fox terrier coursing is cancelled on Police advice.

Improvements were made to the road leading to the firewood siding in January, 1910.

A combined washhouse and bathroom was erected at the Stationmasters' residence in April, 1919.

The stockyards were removed and re-erected and an earth ramp provided in December, 1919.

The backroad was removed in 1924.

A portable hut was provided in 1925.

No. 2 Road was removed in March, 1927.

A bungalow is erected at DR. 919 in October, 1927.

July, 1941 saw the dismantling of the double compound and substitution of turnouts.

Weekly Notice entries for Knowsley:

April, 1912 - Plunger Locking is provided to the main running line points.

May, 1915 - Electric Staff Safeworking replaced the Train Staff and Ticket system within the sections Heathcote - Knowsley - Axedale.

March, 1917 - The station was closed for private telegraph business.

September, 1925 - A Staff Exchange Box was provided to facilitate the running of trins through the station outside manned hours.

September, 1926 - No. 2 Road is removed. Existing No. 3, Goods Shed Road, would then become No. 2.

May, 1927 - Knowsley is disestablished as an Electric Staff Station. The Safeworking section becomes Heathcote - Axedale. The Up and Down Home Signals are removed, along with the Staff Exchange Box. A Staff Lock is provided in lieu of the Plunger Lock.

July, 1927 - The Stationmaster's position is downgraded to Caretaker.

August, 1931 - Knowsley may open as an Intermediate Composite Block Post in the Heathcote - North Bendigo Junction Electric Staff section when Axedale is not.

October, 1941 - The double compound track layout at the Down end of No. 2 Road is replaced by 2 simple turnouts.

December, 1941 - The passenger train service is withdrawn from the Wallan-Bendigo line to nver return between Heathcote and Bendigo.

September, 1952 - No. 2 Road is removed. This is what was originally No. 3, or Goods Shed Road.

July, 1957 - Bywater's Siding is deleted. This is the siding leading into the paddock at the Down end of the station.

May, 1958 - The station is reduced to No-one-in-Charge.

November, 1958 - Knowsley is announced as closed to all traffic.

September, 1958 - Closure is deferred.

December, 1958 - Knowsley is finally closed to all traffic.

Identified Stationmasters:

George Brown - 10/07/1900.
Charles McCarthy Collins - 01/01/1911.
Herbert Drummond Williams - 02/06/1920, 26/05/1926. No Stationmaster after 1927.

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