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The residents of Kilmore felt cheated with the opening of the North-East line in April 1872. Unlike a station at the township of Kilmore, what they ended up with was a station at Kilmore East - some 5km away via a relatively unmade road. It was to be some years before that changed. A line from Lancefield Road (renamed Clarkefield) to Lancefied, was introduced to Parliament in November, 1876. Before it was completed and opened in July, 1881, there was talk about extending the line beyond Lancefield, as well as a line to or from Heathcote, Sandhurst, and other places.

It was to be many years before the proposed extension came to fruition.

A proposal to connect Lancefield with Kilmore was submitted and passed in Parliament in August, 1882, with a majority of 32:3. It is reported, "Kilmore people are happy with the Lancefield-Kilmore line acceptance and feel sure that the Wandong connection will now follow and the only question is to whether it shall continue beyond Heathcote.

Kilmore Station was situated between Rutledge Streets and Foote Street (Lancefield Road).

VR Weekly Notice entries provide a glimpse of Kilmore Station operations.

June, 1897 - The line Kilmore - Lancefield is closed.

August, 1897 - The Up Home Signal and Up Distant Signal for the Lancefield line are abolished.

July, 1898 - The track gang inspection tricycle is withdrawn.

July, 1903 - It is announced that trains will not run till further notice on the Lancefield - Kilmore line.

February, 1915 - The Electric Staff Safeworking System replaces the Train Staff and Ticket System between Kilmore Junction and Kilmore.

May, 1915 - Electric Staff replaces the Train Staff and Ticket from Kilmore to Tooborac. A Divided Staff with a detachable name plate a/c Pyalong. The Master Key for the same section is withdrawn.

May, 1926 - A Staff Exchange Box is provided. This facilitates train working outside manned hours.

October, 1927 - A Composite Staff is provided in the Kilmore-Pyalong section a/c High Camp.

March, 1928 - A Divided Staff is provided in the Pyalong section a/c High Camp.

October, 1929 - Spur lever points at the Up end of the station are altered to normally lie for Dead End Extension of No. 2 Road instead of the main running line.

July, 1931 - The Divided Staff a/c High Camp is removed. A Composite Staff is provided in the Tooborac section a/c High Camp or Pyalong.

December, 1938 - The hand gates at 42M 57C, Foote Street, are abolished as cattle pits are provided.

August, 1941 - The Dead End Extension at the Up end of No. 2 Road is abolished.

December, 1941 - The passenger and mixed train service is withdrawn from the whole of the Wallan-Bendigo line.

March, 1942 - The passenger service is re-instated between Wallan and Heathcote.

October, 1943 - No. 3 Road is abolished.

December, 1951 - The platform is reduced from 400 feet to 300 feet in length.

November, 1960 - The telegraph instruments are removed.

August, 1961 - The Electric Staff Safeworking System between Kilmore and Tooborac is abolished. The Train Staff and Ticket System is re-introduced between Kilmore and Heathcote. The Train Controller Spencer Street may authorise the issue of Line Clear Reports between Kilmore and Heathcote. This is to permit train running if the single Staff is at the wrong end of the section due to out of order train running.

January, 1964 - The cattle race is removed.

May, 1964 - The sheep race is removed.

June, 1965 - The Electric Staff section Heathcote Junction - Kilmore and Train Staff and Ticket section Kilmore - Heathcote, are abolished. A new Train Staff and Ticket section operates Heathcote Junction - Heathcote.

July, 1965 - Kilmore Station is closed to passengers.

November, 1968 The station is finally closed to all traffic.

Identified Stationmasters:

William Davis - 03/10/1892.
John Henry Lavery - 16/10/1918.
Martin Galagher - August 7, 1920.
William Marshall Shaw - 05/09/1922.
Timothy Leyden - 04/10/1932.
Patrick Vincent McGuire - 22/02/1950.
Roy A. Mitchell - 17/01/1957, 03/08/1959.
Thomas Godfrey Griffith - 03/09/1953.
John Leroy - 03/12/1962.

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