Carr Fowler Siding Detail

Located at 100M 11C 59L (via Heathcote) or 103M 11C 38L (via Bendigo)


Carr-Fowler siding layout - David Langley.

Carr Fowler Siding was not part of the original rail line construction. It did not appear until after the line was closed between Rangelea and Heathcote. It appears for the first time in the Victorian Railways Weekly Notice 27/63 (2/7/63) as open for traffic with a spur siding, 280' long, facing Down trains, and secured by Staff Lock.

The siding had at least two names during its life. It appears on a 1970 map as Carr Fowler Siding. On a 1980 map it appears as Boral Resources Siding, and is again shown as Carr Fowler Siding in 1990. I have used the first, and last, name here. The location of the siding, between Murphy Road and Roh's Road, enabled it to be serviced from the Bendigo end as movements were still made to Rangelea long after the initial line closure which was between Rangelea and Heathote.

Evidence of its location could be easily missed unless you knew where it was. The siding is easiest to see and locate by viewing in the Down direction.

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