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Located at 38M 33C 02L

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Bylands Station was originally referred to as 5½ miles - its approximate rail distance from Heathcote Junction. A 3' barrel culvert was placed within the station grounds.

A Mens Shed operates on the site at the south end, along with the Melbourne Tramway Museum, whose Caretaker resides in the Twin T railway residence adjacent to the station platform. Approximately two kilometres of the rail track remains towards Kilmore. It is no longer the 5'3" Broad Gauge, having been altered to the 4'8½ Standard Gauge, and partially wired for electric tram operation, although no trams operate at present and have not done so for some time. In fact, 2016 may be the year that the museum closes.

The VR Weekly Notice entries provide an insight into Bylands Station operation.

June 1897 - The Carriage dock is removed.

March, 1902 - Staff locks are provided for the running line points, the key being the train staff for section.

August, 1906 - The Up and Down Home Signals are removed.

July, 1925 - The station is reduced to No-one-in-Charge.

September, 1941 - The station may be opened as an Intermediate Composite Staff Block post in the Heathcote Junction - Kilmore Electric Staff Section.

December, 1941 - Passenger services are withdrawn from the whole line, late in the month.

March, 1942 - Passenger services are re-instated between Wallan and Heathcote.

May, 1957 - The sheep trucking facilities are removed.

July, 1965 - The station is closed to passenger traffic, and is No-one-in-Charge. This implies that the station had been re-staffed to some extent although it would have been no more than a Caretaker.

November, 1968 - The station is finally closed to all traffic.

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