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Grade: 2630_14.

The line exited the Heathcote Station Ground on a level surface forming commenced just before to the named Herriot Street (Extended) PCR Crossing with 18'6" gates, raised 2.24', with a culvert on each side. It entered Bank 109 at the crossing, then passed a diverted watercourse, entered Cutting 94, followed by Bank 110, and reached the 28M End of Contract point at 28M - 73M 1C 94L from Melbourne.

Grade: 3303_01a.

Contract 3303 commenced on a level surface forming, in an 80C radius right curve, at the 28M point - 73M 1C 94L from Melbourne. The line entered Bank 1, crossed a 5 x 11' openings bridge, straightened, passed a mullock heap, ran into Cutting 1 crossed an unnamed PCR Crossing with 14'6" gates, lowered 0.04'. It then crossed a track in Old Gold Workings, entered Bank 2, passed a diverted watercourse. crossed a drain via a 5 x 7' openings bridge, crossed the Town Boundary, passed a diverted watercourse, crossed a double culvert, passed wicket gates for a "footpath to Mr. Hedley's" with a culvert, commenced a slight up grade, cut through a fence, through named Rob Nicholl's Garden, another fence, a culvert, entered Bank 3, entered a 40C radius right curve, entered granite bouldered Cutting 2, crossed a track, an unnamed PCR Crossing with 14'6" gates, raised 0.53', cut a fence, crossed a culvert, commenced a short down grade, entered Bank 4, levelled, cut a fence, passed named an diverted Opossum Gully, straightened, crossed an unnamed watercourse via a 11 x 11' openings bridge, passed named and diverted Long Gully, and entered Cutting 3 with a 1 in 50 up grade.

The line entered a 30C radius left curve, crossed a footpath with wicket gates, entered Bank 5, crossed a culvert and an unnamed and closed road, reaching the 29M point - 72M 1C 94L from Melbourne..

The line straightened near a "Dam bank - Level of Byewash 819.66'", entered a surface forming, crossed a culvert, then a track, an unnamed PCR Crossing with 14'6" gates, raised 0.96', topped and levelled the grade at a diverted track, commenced a slight down grade past a diverted drain, entered Bank 6, crossed a culvert, cut a fence, commenced an up grade, crossed a culvert, levelled, entered Cutting 4, cut a fence and crossed an unnamed and closed 1 Chain Road, commenced a 1 in 50 down grade, entered Bank 7, cut a fence, levelled, crossed named Argyle Gully via a 7 x 11' openings bridge, exited to a surface forming, commenced a slight up grade, then an unnamed 1½ Chain Road (Dairy Flat Road) PCR Crossing with 14'6" gates, raised 0.46', crossed a culvert, and entered the South Heathcote (renamed Argyle) Station Ground.

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