Down - Derrinal Station Site

Located at 78M 16C 33L


Derrinal Station detail.

The line enters Derrinal Station Ground on Bank 87 on a 1 in 137 down grade, crosses an unnamed watercourse culvert, enters a surface forming, changes to a 1 in 200 down grade, enters Bank 86, cuts an Allotment Line, enters a surface forming followed by low Bank 85, exiting the station ground at unnamed (named Derrinal Station Lane in 2016) This was initially endorsed as closed but was then amended to PCR with 18'6" gates. It was used as the station entrance from the South from what was then McIvor Road, now Old Bendigo Road.


The line entered Derrinal Station Ground after crossing McIvor Road. However, the road west of this point is a different alignment today.

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