Down - Axedale Racecourse to Axedale


Gallery of images between Axedale Racecourse and Axedale.

The line continues on a 1 in 50 down grade, and enters Bank 42, reaching the 12M point - 89M 1C 94L from Melbourne, calculated from diagram 3303_01.

Grade: 2630_06

The line continues on the down grade, crosses an unnamed road (Cemetery Road/Burns Street/Crowes Road) PCR Crossing with 13'6" gates, raised 3.17', with a culvert each side, levels, passes an unnamed and diverted road (Cemetery Road, diverted to previous crossing), cuts a fence, commences an up grade, crosses the named Hargreave's Creek bridge via a 10 x 15' openings bridge, enters Cutting 48, cuts through a fence, a fence on the west side of Cemetery reserve, crosses a culvert, crosses unnamed PCR Crossing with 18'6" gates, lowered 0.25' and enters the Axedale Station Ground.

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