1960 to 1969

Historical information from 1960 to 1969.


November, 1960

• Weekly Notice WN46/60 of 15/11/1960 advises that telegraph instruments removed from Kilmore.

April, 1961

• Weekly Notice WN19/61 of 30/04/1961 advises that the Heathcote Junction Signal Box has been abolished, and a new Signal Box has been provided on the Down side of line.

August, 1961

• Weekly Notice WN33/61 of 14/08/1961 advises that the Tooborac Assistant Stationmaster has been removed, and the station operates under Caretaker conditions.

• Weekly Notice WN35/61 of 16/08/1961 advises that the Electric Staff Kilmore - Tooborac has been abolished, and Train Staff and Ticket has been provided for the Kilmore - Heathcote section. Also, Tooborac has been disestablished as an Electric Staff Station, and the new Train Staff and Ticket section is Kilmore - Heathcote. Tooborac may open as Intermediate Staff Block Post. Also the Electric Staff Tooborac - Heathcote is abolished.

• Weekly Notice WN35/61 of 29/08/1961 issues a General Appendix amendment that the Train Controller Spencer Street may authorise issue of Line Clear Reports, Kilmore - Heathcote.

October, 1962

• Weekly Notice WN42/62 of 09/10/1962 advises that High Camp is No-one-in-Charge.

Nothing for 1963

Nothing for 1964

June, 1965

• Weekly Notice WN27/65 of 28/06/1965 advises that the Electric Staff Heathcote Junction - Kilmore is abolished, and Train Staff and Ticket is provided Heathcote Junction - Heathcote. Also that Heathcote Junction is No-one-in-Charge.

• Weekly Notice Bylands: WN27/65 (30-06-1965) advises that Bylands is closed to passenger traffic, and No-one-in-Charge, RMSP18 at Willowmavin and RMSP19 at Moranding are closed, and High Camp is closed to passengers.

• Weekly Notice WN34/65 of 28/06/1965 CHECK DATE advises that the Heathcote Stationmaster has been removed.

Tooborac: WN27/65 (30-06-1965) advises that Tooborac is closed to passengers, Argyle is closed to passengers and No-one-in-Charge, Heathcote is under a Caretaker and the passenger service is withdrawn. The Guard is in charge of signalling.

In addition, RMSP No. 56, RMSP No. 57, RMSP No. 58, RMSP No. 59, RMSP No. 60, RMSP No. 61, and RMSP No. 62 are closed.

August, 1965

• Weekly Notice WN27/65 of 30/08/1965 advises that Kilmore is closed to passengers.

October, 1965

• Weekly Notice WN36/65 of 01/10/1965 advises that Argyle is closed to all traffic.

Nothing for 1966

January, 1967

• Weekly Notice ????????? Tooborac: WN04/67 (24-01-1967) - DS; Delete PT.

November, 1968

• Weekly Notice WN45/68 of 07/11/1968 advises that Bylands, Kilmore, High Camp, Tooborac, and Heathcote, are closed to all traffic, and the line Heathcote Junction - Heathcote is now closed.

• Except for the removal of the infrastructure, the line, in its current form, has ended.

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