1950 to 1959

Historical information from 1950 to 1959.


January, 1950

• Weekly Notice WN17/50 of 19/04/1950 advises that the Heathcote Junction crossing at 33M 25C 35L Escrites Road, has been provided with Flashing Lights.

September, 1950

Cr. Chapman says there were no complaints regarding the local service when he met with the Commissioners on their visit to Kilmore.

October, 1950

The Secretary for Railways asks Kilmore Council to examine the position in regard to advance warning signs on roads at level crossings within the Shire.

November, 1950

Counsel for the striking railway unions criticises the Arbitration Court for making a pronouncement on the merits of the record 31-day-old rail strike. The Court declared that it had no jurisdiction in the dispute.

May, 1951

Who is to blame for the current firewood situation - the Railways, the merchants, the saw millers, the Forestry Commission? Every firewood report in the papers contradicts the one before. What is the situation now? Gas is rationed, electricity is restricted, black coal (which burns better than wood) is banned, coke is almost unobtainable and only 6,000 tons of briquettes are available for the winter.

December, 1951

• Weekly Notice WN50/51 of 11/12/1951 advises that the Kilmore platform has been reduced from 400 feet to 300 feet.

July, 1952

The Shire of Korumburra seeks support in urging the Government to erect overhead bridges or viaducts on all railway crossings in Victoria to minimise loss of life. [Believe it or not!].

August, 1952

Sand carting continues to be a big industry in the Pyalong district with large consignments being sent by road and rail each week.

The Victorian Railways advise that it is not possible to provide further improvements to the Kilmore rail service at present.

September, 1952

• Weekly Notice WN37/52 of 01/09/1952 advises that Leslie is closed to all traffic.

December, 1952

• Weekly Notice WN52/52 of 15/12/1952 advises that the Staff Lock and connections at Leslie have been removed, and the siding is abolished.

Nothing for 1953.

February, 1954

The Victorian Railways accepts a Council quote for £380 to relocate a crossing on the Kilmore side of Willowmavin. The Railways also ask if electricity can be supplied to their pre-cut [English design] residences proposed to be erected at Kilmore Station. The Department regrets not being able to supply a special train from Kilmore to Bendigo on March 5 for the Royal Visit.

September, 1954

Electricity to the new Kilmore railway residences will be connected at an early date.

Large consignments of sand are being sent by rail from Pyalong.

October, 1954

A letter seeking support for the appointment of a Royal Commission into the state's transport system. Transport is seen as very bad, the Railways do not serve the country well and road transport is being restricted in order to 'bolster up the railways as a monopoly'. It is mainly because of inefficiency that the railways do not pay.

July, 1955

Brian Nunn, 18, a railway engine cleaner of Longlea, is fatally injured when he falls from an engine tender outside the Bendigo locomotive sheds.

October, 1956

• Weekly Notice WN42/56 of 15/10/1956 advises that Willowmavin is closed as a station and renamed RMSP 18. Also that Moranding is closed as a station and renamed RMSP 19.

May, 1957

• Weekly Notice WN21/57 of 21/05/1957 DS: the Bylands sheep trucking facilities have been removed.

July, 1957

• Weekly Notice WN32/57 of 31/07/1957 advises that the Willowmavin Staff Lock and connections have been removed, and the siding abolished.

Nothing for 1958

May, 1959

• Weekly Notice WN18/59 of 05/05/1959 advises that, at Heathcote, a baulk has been provided in the main line at 73M 69C.

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