A number of years ago, I was following a casual interest in the O'Keefe Rail Trail that runs about one kilometre from my home, essentially on the bed of the no-longer-existing Wallan, Heathcote and Sandhurst (as first named) railway line for the majority of its route between Bendigo and Heathcote. This then led to compiling a comprehensive history of the line. Along the way, I found quite a bit of information that wasn't really relevant to the rail line as such, but of great relevance to my local township of Axedale. This led to a largely separate compilation on that subject, making two very large collections being worked on at the same time. Such large collections required structured repositories so that any part of them could be quickly accessed at any time. I even considered writing a book, or maybe two. However, publishing books implies that their content is largely complete, and I have absolutely no way of determining when that might be. Something needed to be done to make the compilations available as too much time is passing far too quickly.

The size of the two main collections is enormous and the editing process could go on for years. From time to time, I was presented with the problem of what I might do with all the information: Do I hold on to it until I have a manuscript ready and, if I never reach that point, how can I make it available? How do I allow for the ongoing, potentially forever, edits?

I decided that the only way was to provide this web site presentation, with a rider that the information was subject to that editing and could change at any time. That is my excuse for any of the information being incomplete, factually or grammatically incorrect, etc., still allow for corrections and additions to be made, and also make it available for others along the way. It also allows me to add other subject matter if I am sufficiently moved to do so and if I get the time.

If you think there is anything incorrect in what is presented, including typos, content, or links that do not work, please don't keep it to yourself. If you let me know via the email link that appears at the foot of every page, the problem can be readily fixed for the benefit of everyone. If what you report is a potential factual error, please also supply something of a reference as I am prepared to argue in defence of what I have put together - until proven wrong, that is. I am told that everyone makes mistakes and, based on that, my turn is apparently coming one day.

I sincerely hope that you derive as much enjoyment in reading what I do present, as I had in putting the collections together.

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