Axedale - as Reported - Updates

These updates have been provided so that you won't have to accidently "discover", perhaps never, what is new.

15 November 2016 - Added an 1858 property sale to decade 1850-1859, a remnant of the Axedale Run.

09 November 2016 - Clarified details of land purchased by Robert Ross, Dec. 1856, acquired by Michael Costelloe within the same month, and the site of the Perserverance Hotel, 1864, immediately East of the Axe Creek, North side of McIvor Highway.

01 August 2016 - Included years beyond 1890. Note that these are still being edited and added to and will be for some time. In the meantime, readers will have to accommodate whatever errors appear.

26 April 2016 - Added minor historical information in the opening paragraphs of 1850s decade and January 1856 information re George Washington Haycock and election to Council.

26 March, 2016 - Many cut and paste typos corrected. There are still many more to do and it will take some time. There will be specific mention here when completed.

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